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Welcome to Ramadan

Ramadan abroad Far from home, local Muslims strive to fast, give charity "O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may obtain piety." Qur'an 2:183 In the Qur'an, Muslims are told to fast so that they may achieve taqwa. Taqwa — derived from wiqaya, an Arabic word that means self-defense and avoidance — is a state of piety brought about by the fear of God. It is, quite literally, the purification of the inner world and the outer world by avoiding evil in all its forms. For 30 days, Muslims are abstaining from food, drink and sex from dawn to sunset during the month of Ramadan, the Arabic word for the ninth month in the lunar year. Ramadan begins Aug. 1 in the United States this year. By fasting, Muslims are reminded just how weak and dependent upon God humans are. "Unlike God we need to eat and drink; we can't go on without nourishment for days or weeks," said Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the

Istanbul Trip - The Bosphorus

Rumelihisaristu was another station in our short Istanbul trip as my husband loved to visit his university graduated from. Bogazici University is one of the most eminent universities in Turkey. Founded in 1863, it is the first American higher education institution founded outside the United States, having strong ties to the American educational system through Robert College. Boğaziçi University consistently ranks as the most popular university in Turkey, having the most number of applicants via the Turkish university entrance examinations. While he was refreshing his memories during the visit we were also taking pictures. I really loved the campus and buildings, especially the south campus faces to the beautiful Bosphorus . We drank tea towards to the Bosphorus which is necessity and then walk through by. Along the cost cafes were full and the people in the boats waving hand to us. It was little bit hot but still was a great day..