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Turkish Bagel

Turkish Bagel Ingredients: · One cup of warm water 1,5 tsbp of powder or instant yeast the thing is when you use instant yeast you do not have to wait it to swell up in warm water! · 1 table spoon salt (if you want, you can add more ) · 1 teaspoon sugar · All-purpose flour · Roasted sesame (You can roast your sesame by yourself in a Teflon pan) · Grape molasses + water Direction: 1. In a large bowl, put your warm water first and add yeast and powder sugar and stir them up. At least five minutes you need to wait to get them rise. When you see it is bubbling it means that yeast is ready. (yeasting temperature is the temperature that your little finger can stand in it ) 2. After mixture get bubbling, add salt and flour. Flour should be in the amount that makes the dough a little stronger than earlobe. 3. We need to cover the top of the bowl to make the dough yeasting. 4.

Bulgur with Green Lentils

Bulgur With Green Lentils Ingredients 1 medium onion 2 cups of bulgur 1 cup of green lentils 1tbsp vegetable oil 1 tbsp butter 2 cups of hot water 1 tsp salt Preparation Wash the green lentils. Put lentils in a pot, add water (to exceed by an inch) and boil until lentils are cooked (soft). Do not over cook the lentils. Strain the lentils. In a new pot, add vegetable oil and margarine add finely chopped onions, saute until pink. Wash the buigur, and add bulgur and lentils to the onions. Add hot water and salt. Close the lid. Cook until all the water is gone. Let sit for 10-15min. before serving. Afiyet Olsun!