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Egg Toast (Yumurtali Ekmek)

Ingredients 5-6 slices bread 3 eggs 1/2 t. red pepper 1/2 t. black pepper 1/2 c. oil Direction, 1-Beat eggs and spices in a bowl.  2-Heat oil in a frying pan.  3-Soak each slice of bread in the egg mixture.  4-Fry the bread on both sides until golden brown.  5-Place fried toast on a paper towel to soak up excess oil.  Serve warm or hot. Afiyet olsun!

Carrot-Cinnamon Cake ( Havuclu-Tarcinli Kek)

Carrot-Cinnamon Cake ( Havuclu-Tarcinli Kek) This is one of my favorite cakes because there is a story behind it. Years ago, when I was middle school,I had tried to cook this cake. I prepared everything with utmost care. Yet  I got upset when I saw it didn't swell. Guess what!? I forgot to add baking powder in it. Still my relatives tasted it and it was very delicious. Now,I know this was a lie but at that day it saved my cooking life. Ever since that time it had been one of my favorite cakes... Ingredients  3 eggs 1 c. sugar 1 c. plain yogurt 1/2 c. oil 1 T. baking powder 1 T. vanilla 2 c. flour 1 c. shredded carrot 2 T. ground  cinnamon 1/2 c. walnut Direction   1-Whisk sugar with egg for 2-3 minutes. 2- Add yogurt and oil, and mix well.  3-Then add baking powder, vanilla, and flour and blend the mixture completely. 4- Combine with carrot, cinnamon, and nuts.  5-Grease a tray or cake mold, and pour the mixture into the tray.

Spicy Oven Chicken ( Baharatli Firinda Tavuk)

I ngredients 4-5 large chicken thighs 2 large tomatoes, diced 1 large onion, chopped 1 T. tomato paste 1 T. pepper paste 1 t. paprika 1 t. black pepper 2 t. dried mint 2 t.flake parsley  1 t. cumin 2 T. salt 2 T. corn oil Directions 1-Cut the chicken into large chunks. 2- Place in a bowl, and add all the other ingredients and mix well by hand.  3-Lay in a tray or oven-safe dish. The tray does not need to be oiled. 4- Cook 25 minutes at 400ºF.  Serve warm with rice, pasta, or salad. Afiyet olsun!

Semolina Dessert (Irmik Helvasi)

Ingredients  1 c. semolina flour 1 stick butter 1/4 c. walnuts or pinenuts, crushed 1 c. sugar 1 c. water Cinnamon to taste, forgarnish Direction 1-In a pot over mediumheat, melt the butter and stir in semolina, sugar, and nuts. 2- Continue to cookover medium heat until the mixture turns golden brown. Stir constantly. 3- Overlow heat, stir in water continue stirring until liquid is absorbed. 4-Removefrom heat. 5- Form the helva into a shape.  Serve cold with tea or coffee. Afiyet olsun!

Red Lentil Soup (Mercimek Corbasi) -2

Ingredients 1cup lentils 1 large onion 1 tbsp tomato paste 1 tbsp red pepper paste 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp dry parsley 1 tsp salt 1/2tsp black pepper 1/2tsp red pepper 2 tbsp oil 6 cups water Direction 1- Chop the onion into small pieces. 2- In a large pot, add oil, tomato paste, pepper paste, and onion and saute together over medium heat, stirring often. 3-Stir in red lentils with 4 cups of water , and cook 10 minutes. 4- Pour mixture into blender or use a hand mixer to blend it thoroughly. 5-Add salt, spices, parsley, lemon juice, and remaining 2 cups of water, and cook for 10 more minutes. Serve it hot or warm, with fresh bread. Afiyet olsu n

Elmali Turta ( Apple Tart )

Elmali Turta ( Apple Tart ) Ingredients 4-5 medium apples 4 sticks butter 2 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup powdered sugar 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tbsp vanilla cinnamon , walnuts flour Preparation 1-Cook grated apples with sugar until water is gone. 2-Take off heat, add walnuts and cinnamon and all other ingredients. 3-Knead the dough, take a piece (as large as an orange and put in the refrigerator and let there for 30 minutes) 4-The rest of the dough, spread an oven tray, pour cooled apple mix, grate the refrigerated dough on top of it. 5-Cook at 350 F until golden on top let cool and put powdered sugar for serving. Serve cold with tea, coffee or juice. Afiyet Olsun

Homemade Strawberry Jam (Çilek Reçeli)

Ingredients 1lb. fresh strawberries 5 cups sugar 1 tsp lemon juice Preparation 1- Wash strawberries well, and cut in half or small pieces. 2- Place strawberries and sugar in a large covered pot, and wait 24 hours.( There will be liquid in the pot next day.) 3-Cook over medium, stirring constantly, until it boils. 4-Add the lemon juice and boil 5 more minutes.   5- Remove from heat. 6- When the jam cools completely, pour into glass jars with airtight lids. 7-Refrigerate. Afiyet Olsun.  

Sauted Peppers ( Biber Sote )

Ingredients 2 large green peppers, sliced into strips 2 large tomatoes, diced into cubes 3 tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 tbsp  salt Direction 1-Slice the peppers into thin, long strips. 2- Sauté in oil over medium heat until soft.  3-Dice the tomatoes into cubes, and stir them into the peppers, sautéing until soft.  4-Add salt and garlic, and continue to cook for 2-3 more minutes.  Serve warm with yogurt .. Afiyet Olsun!

Turkey Trip...

 Dried Fruits...  Legumes...  Spices... Dried fruits and herbals....    During my summer in Turkey, I revisited many places from the past to refresh my memories of my culture. One such place was the lokman hekim-the herbalist.The herbalist has always been a vibrant part of Turkish    culture, and inside there were legumes like chickpeas and beans, dried fruits, spices of every color and taste, herbs of every scent imaginable. Everything smelled fresh and unique. Each thing served a purpose, naturally cured a different sickness. Here are some pictures...

Sakalli Pogaca ( Buns with Beard )

Ingredients for dough: 1 cup of warm water 1 cup of warm milk 3/4 cup of oil 1 egg (yolk is separated for topping) 5 cup of flour (approx.) 1 tbsp dry yeast 3 tbsp sugar Salt For topping (optional): Sesame seeds or black seeds For filling: Whipped cream cheese Parsley (finely chopped) Directions: In a medium bowl combine all dough ingredients and knead them until you get elastic and smooth dough. In a warm place let the dough rise about double size for ½ to 1 hour. Divide the dough into small balls as big as a ping-pong ball and place them on the greased baking sheet. Let them sit on the sheet approx. 15 minutes and brush them with egg yolk. Sprinkle some sesame seeds or black seeds on the top. Bake them in 350F pre-heated oven until golden brown. After buns cool down make a horizontal slit (like subway buns). Spread whipped cream cheese inside. Paint the slit opening with cream cheese as well. Dip the side of the buns with cr


Ingredients: 1 cup of egg noodles 2 cups of water 1 cup  of shredded mozzarella cheese 1 cup of milk 1 egg ½ tsp black pepper ½ tsp red pepper 1 tsp salt 3 tbsp oil   Direction; 1-Put 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp oil into the boiled water (2 cups).    2-Then, add 1 cup of egg noodles  to the water.  3-Cook it approximately 10 minutes. After cooking it, filter the water and take the egg noodles  into the tray . 4-In  another bowl, put an egg and stir it. Then, add 1 cup of milk, 2 tbsp oil and spices, and mix them.  After  getting the mixture, pour it over the pasta. Then, put 1 cup of shredded mozzarella  cheese on top of the pasta and  cook it  in the oven for 15 minutes (350 F) Afiyet Olsun!

Orman Kebabi ( Forest Kebab)

Ingredients 2 pieces of chicken breast 2 medium-size onions 1 tbsp tomato paste 1 tsp red pepper paste 2  cloves garlic 2 medium tomatoes 2 medium patatoes 2 small carrots 1cup green pea 1 tsp oregano 3 tbsp oil Salt, black pepper, red pepper to taste 3 cups boiling water Direction 1-Cut the washed chicken breasts into the small pieces. 2-Peel and dice potatoes and the carrots. 3-After putting the chicken into a big pot, cook it medium heat until it gets light brown color. Then add the chopped onions. 4-Add the paste and finely chopped garlic on the chicken and stir until the color changes. 5-Put diced carrots and potatoes on the chicken and  stir for a few minutes. Then add green peas. Sprinkle some salt and the spices. Pour boiling hot water. Cook until the vegetables get soft and simmer 10 minutes. Serve it warm with rice. Afiyet Olsun.