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Ramadan Festival ( Ramazan Bayramı )

We have finished another year's Ramadan and now the three days of  the '' Ramadan Feast '' or '' Sugar Holidays'' ( ''Şeker Bayramı'' in Turkish ) are upon us! After four years of spendıng the Sugar Holidays away from my family, alone in America, it's impossible to describe the feelings of excitement and joy I am now feeling After four years of being absent during special celebration, I will at last get to kiss my parents' hand and give them gifts. ( Kissing the hands of your elders is an important way of showing love and respect in Turkey. ) Both for my parents and for me this is a very emotional celebration and it brings tears to my eyes... Early in the morning on the first day of holidays my father and brothers will go to the mosque to pray. After they return we will have a special breakfast and everyone will kiss my parents' hand and give them gifts. Years ago my siblings and I started the tradition of gi


Two weeks ago we started season of Ramadan (in Turkish "Ramazan "), a month that is very important for Muslims. I was in Florida for the first weeks of Ramadan, but  I am now in Turkey for the remaining time. I am so excited about it! There is something very special about observing in Turkey. the meals before dawn ( sahur ) and the meals after sunset  ( iftar ) are so animated and meaningful. For the "iftar" time is typical to eat in the home of friends, family or to invite them  into your home. Everyone gathers together and waits for the sound of the call to prayer. When the sound of the call to prayer is heard, along with the noise of the " Ramazan topu " ( like a small firecracker ), there is a time of prayer and the fast is broken. Mothers make a wide variety of delicious dishes and everyone enjoys tasting them. I will try to show you some photos and recipes from meal times later. The Meaning and Importance of Ramadan During the course of Ramadan