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      Last cooking class we made a  popular dish in Turkey, Manti. It was such a nice class. Everybody was around the table and tried to make it. They did a really good job :) We prepared little heart cookies, table clothes, and napkins because of Valentine's Day :)  Here is the recipe....

Fried Potato Balls ( Kizartilmis Patates Kofte )

Ingredients: 3 large potatoes boiled, peeled, and shredded  1 large onion, finely chopped bunch of dill and/or parsley, finely chopped 1/4 cup of corn or vegetable oil salt, black and red pepper to taste For coating: 2 large eggs, beaten 2 cups of bread crumbs  For Frying: 1/2  of corn or vegetable oil or spray oil Directions : 1-Saute the onion with 1/4 cup oil in a skillet. Then in a big bowl add shredded potatoes, onion, dill/parsley, spices and salt. Knead them by hand.   2-Give a shape similar to the picture. Dip in the egg, then with bread crumbs. 3- Brush or spray oil to non stick pan. Let it heat and place the balls in pan.  4- Fry them until light brown. Serve it warm. Afiyet Olsun.

Button Cookies ( Dugme Kurabiyeleri )

Ingredients 2 eggs 2 stick butter( room temperature ) 2 cups of powder sugar 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tbsp vanilla 4,5 cup all purpose flour Jam or marmalade - what type  you like Preparation 1- In a bowl, mix all ingredients except flour. Make smooth mixture with ingredients. 2-Then add flour little by little and make a soft dough. 3- Then take one piece (like walnut ) Make a ball. 4- Make a dip in the middle with thumb. Bake them 350 F until it gets bigger approx 10.min.  Then put 1 tsp orange jam or cranberry jam. 5-Bake them 10 more minutes. Serve it cold with tea or coffee. Afiyet Olsun.


This is a quick, and delicious dish for breakfast. Ingredients 1 big onion, finely chopped 4 tomatoes, petite diced 1 fresh green pepper, diced bunch of basil ( optional ) 2-3 whole eggs 3 tbsp oil, ( corn, vegetable or olive ) Salt to taste Black and red pepper to taste Preparation; 1- Saute chopped onions with oil in a skillet. Add green pepper, saute until tender. 2- Add diced tomatoes, cook until gets soft. 3- Sprinkle salt and peppers and basil. Crack the eggs. You can beat the eggs  or you may leave the eggs on top without stirring until cooked. ( Like pictures ) Serve it warm with fresh bread and tea :) Afiyet Olsun!