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Sezen Aksu Songs in Florida

On a night illuminated by melodies, the SAC comedy lab transformed into a haven of Turkish music in Orlando, as the notes of Sezen Aksu's iconic songs reverberated through the hearts of approximately 100 attendees. The concert, graced by the award-winning singer and kemenche player Aslıhan Erkisi, alongside the world-renowned Armenian oud player and composer Ara Dinkjian, was a symphony of culture, emotion, and collective memory.

As Aslıhan Erkisi's voice soared through the opening lines of "Vazgeçtim," you could feel a wave of emotion wash over the crowd. The poignant lyrics, coupled with her expressive delivery, brought many to the edge of tears, as each word seemed to echo their own tales of resignation and poignant reflection.

The atmosphere shifted with "Aldatildik," as the audience, now emboldened by the stirring music, joined Aslıhan in a chorus that filled the room. Her ability to engage the audience, inviting them to become a part of the performance, turned the song into a shared experience, a collective celebration of Turkish music's power to unite.

"Ağladıkça," composed by Ara Dinkjian, stood out as a testament to his masterful musical storytelling. This composition, rich in emotion and depth, resonated with the audience, as if each note played on the oud was a word in a story they had all lived.

The mood became lively with "Gel Gel Sarışınım," also composed by Dinkjian. It saw the audience again singing along with Aslıhan, their voices rising in joyous abandon, creating an air of festivity that only music of such infectious energy can inspire.

As the first chords of "Sen Ağlama" were struck, there was a collective intake of breath. The room was enveloped in a shared sense of solace, as if the song offered a shoulder for each person to lean on.

With "Yine Mi Güzeliz, Yine Mi Çiçek," another of Dinkjian's compositions, the audience was reminded of the beauty and resilience embedded in Turkish culture, the lyrics painting a picture as vibrant as the melodies that carried them.

The rhythmic beats of "Firuze" had everyone's spirit dancing, while "Ah İstanbul" and "Gurbet" drew out a deep-seated nostalgia, a longing for places and times that each melody invoked with poignant accuracy.

The night was a journey through the rich tapestry of Turkish music, with each song acting as a thread woven into the larger narrative of cultural pride and collective memory. The concert was more than a display of musical prowess; it was a gathering of souls, a celebration of heritage, and a reminder of the ties that bind us through the universal language of music.

A family anecdote shared by Ara Dinkjian :)

Stay tuned to our blog for more on Turkish cultural events, where the melodies tell stories, the rhythms unite strangers, and every performance is a chapter in the grand book of cultural celebration.


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